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What is everyone saying about the US elections?

Some Americans are elated. Some are outraged. What about everyone else? Are Americans the only people with a perspective? Like with every event, GPCP challenges readers to seek to understand what the rest of the world is saying about the 2020 Presidential Election and the implications it could have on our global community. The following is simply a sample of the hundreds of perspectives to consider. 

The Moscow Times | Russia

The Moscow Times | Russia Russia Won’t Congratulate Biden on U.S. Election Victory Before Official Results – Kremlin

Dagbladet | Norway

Dagbladet | Norway Wondering if he is pardoning himself - President Donald Trump may be pardoning himself by letting Vice President Mike Pence take over the presidency recently, according to Trump's former lawyer Michael Cohen.

South China Morning Post | China

South China Morning Post | China US-China tensions: Xi Jinping waits to congratulate Joe Biden on election win

The Irish Times | Ireland

The Irish Times | Ireland Biden win should focus British minds on Brexit strategy, says Coveney - Boris Johnson’s controversial Internal Market bill may face defeat in House of Lords

Buenos Aires Times | Argentine

Buenos Aires Times | Argentine World leaders, including President Alberto Fernández, congratulate president-elect Joe Biden on victory in US election, with many expressing hopes of unity and cooperation following four years of Donald Trump diplomacy.

Aljazeera | Iran

Aljazeera | Iran Iranian officials react to Biden victory in US presidential race - As politicians in Iran welcomed Trump’s defeat, some were skeptical about the prospects of improved relations.